SURPRISE ME: Sari Silk Wrap Skirts: Plus, Regular, Short, Little Girl and Maternity

Let me show you my favorite ways to wear this: 

Stunning vintage sari silk turned to skirts will push your style to a new level and, my dear, you're recycling too! Created from recycled vintage silk saris from India, each one is different.


I have two fabulous sizes!

Plus Size: This fits my goddesses who are just over a size 14 and have hips that measure up to 52". (1X - 3X) These skirts are also marvelous for maternity-wear as they are adjustable and grow with you!

Standard Size: They fit size 0-14. For the short skirts (length of 20") the standard size fits like a long skirt for little girls too!

I have lots of fabulous lengths!

There are two layers of this skirt. The top is a little shorter than layer underneath so you can reverse it for two totally different looks. It is also a multiwear skirt so you can turn it into a dress, a top, a wrap all with a few ties and wraps. So when you are looking at the options, you'll first see either "regular" or "plus/maternity" then a number. That's the length (in inches) of the longest layer of the skirt. The shorter layer is about 3-4 inches shorter.

These eco-friendly silk skirts are reversible too which makes them fabulous for travel and bathing suit coverups. I've put some basic instructions in pictures here.

Normally these skirts sell for $49.99 each. I usually take pictures of each one, label them and upload them. It's a ton of work  Well, I have a deal for you.


Well, since each skirt is different and since I have so many in stock, if you want to make sure one of your favorite colors is in the skirt you can just message us during check out! Or if you would love a surprise you don't have to do anything at all! But remember, this discount happens because it's a surprise so if you really want a certain skirt please choose from our selection of individual skirts found here:


Each skirt is gorgeous with it's own style. They are 80% silk and 20% polyester. I have so many of these in my own closet and I love them during the summer months. The care is easy too, I just wash mine on a cold cycle and hang it out to dry (you could also use a low heat in the dryer)

Our beautiful recycled sari wrap skirts can be fashioned into numerous different styles or unleash your creativity to craft new styles! Each skirt is unique because it is fabricated from recycled vintage silk saris from India. Designed with two layers of gorgeous, colorful silk, they are available in three lengths.


These unique silk skirts offer an array of possibilities for wear. Simply by reversing them or arranging their fabric layers, you can create distinctive dresses, skirts, tops, and wraps suitable for any occasion. And, they make an ideal travel item.
When you are leaving a note on your order about the color you want be as clear as possible, include all your favorite colors but also tell us the colors you do not like so we can try to avoid them! Each skirt is pretty much one of a kind and our packing team will to there best to find you the perfect skirt!