Black Magic Woman Knit me: Suede Silk and Yak Shawl Kit

If you've hung out with Darn Good Yarn for any amount of time, you would know that I love easy projects that don't require too much planning because I like to let the yarns speak for themselves. I made this super cute shawl with outrageously lush fringe and I've pulled it together as a kit for you. This would look cute worn as a typical shawl (around the shoulders) or with traditional back worn in front and then wrapped around your neck. You could also pin and tie it around leggings for a whimsical look perfect for an afternoon music festival in the park. So, this super simple pattern looks like this:

Grab your size 19 circulars (my cord was about 2 feet)

Then loosely cast on 25 with your yak wool. For each row after, k1, ktf&b, then knit until you have two stitches left on your row, ktf&b, k1

Work both hanks of yak up until you have a small handful of the yarn left and bind off.

Weave in any ends.


Now, the fun part. Make some fringe from the suede and silk. I cut my lengths to be 3 feet because I wanted it to have some cool drama but play around until you find what you love. This kit will come with all the yarn you need (2 hanks of black yak wool from Nepal, Reclaimed Suede Ribbon, and Nighttime Rainbow Recycled Silk Yarn)