Knit: Ch'i Recycled Silk Ribbon Kimono Jacket Pattern Only

A wonderful, whimsical rendition of my interpretation of a modern kimono turned jacket. It can be made to fit two sizes, S-L and XL-XXL. 

***Remember if you buy the kit (that includes all of the yarn for this pattern, then this pattern is free) If you need a link to the kit, feel free to contact me.*** 
If you are a new knitter and you are ready to go to the next step after scarves, this is a wonderful project for you. I personally designed it and walk you through every little step with un-daunting techniques. If you can cast on, bind off, knit and purl you can make this! This pattern is available for immediate download after payment has been completed. Inspiration: Colors change the life energy of my soul. 
I love putting on bright colors. They make me feel luxurious, inventive and relaxed. So, in the spirit of being cozy, wearing color and re-capturing the wonderful essence of the kimono I present to you a kimono-inspired jacket made from the unique recycled silk sari ribbon. I named this pattern "Ch'i" because I believe in life energies and this kimono really shifts how I feel about my surroundings whenever I wear it!

xoxo Nicole

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