Our mission


Hi! I’m Nicole and I started Darn Good Yarn back in 2008. I didn’t want to just bring you yarn… I wanted to bring you purpose and connection in your crafting exploration.
I want to help you bring your projects to life using amazingly sourced items that help. My mission is focused on employing women in India, saving thousands of pounds of waste by turning it into yarn and helping innovate small businesses in the United States and worldwide. Just in India we have provided jobs to over 300 women and counting. We give them jobs so they don’t have to rely on charity…and when you buy at Darn Good Yarn you’re supporting those efforts! Amazing!


Darn Good Yarn gives poverty-stricken women living in the countryside a stable job, rather than having to live off the 3-4 month period of farming in their areas. They were used to having very little opportunity available to them and which forced them to beg on the side of the street and save every bit of money they received. These women are now employed all year long due to Darn Good Yarn. They learn the skill of crafting and having a creative mindset. These women are paid on a daily basis and are able to manage their medical expenses and their children’s academics with ease. They are then able become self-reliant without worry and can perform as equals in today’s society (this is important because these women deal with caste and severe gender discrimination). Darn Good Yarn does not only provide these women with the opportunity to survive, but to thrive.
Darn Good Yarn has saved tens of thousands of pounds of waste each year. The recycled silk is taken from waste fibers collected from sari manufacturing factories. It is then individually hand spun, dyed and sometimes sewn (for our ribbon) by the women in India and Nepal. This is a very tedious job to ensure the quality of our yarn.
Along with employing less fortunate women in India and Nepal, Darn Good Yarn employs and mentors college students and passionate crafters. They also aid many United States and national small businesses with innovation ideas and techniques. Darn Good Yarn has assisted with mentoring and coaching small business owners on how to start a successful business, how to keep up with today's ever-growing social media and how to keep the business afloat once it is launched.
Most of all, Darn Good Yarn is focused on creating positive impacts in today's world.
So, come and join me on my quest to create super awesome projects while changing the world a little bit..one exotic, beautiful texture and color at a time!
Nicole Snow